Tuesday, April 21, 2009

get your body out for the summer

(not as naked as this necessarily ~ a good swim suit will do :)

If everyone uncovered their bodies for the summer, would there be such a thing as a "not okay" body? I mean really, if everyone let their body out for the summer. Like really just let her out to breath and bathe and bask. If everyone's were out, then wouldn't they all be acceptable? There would be no reason to hide. There would be no reason to think something's wrong with yours. There would be no reason to deny your body its joy.

Humor me for a minute and really try this on for size and feel how truly tragic it is: Think of your most self-criticized body part. Now think of your child (if you don't have one yet, visualize a baby picture of yourself) Now think of what we do to our most self-criticized body part: We curse them. We hate them. We hide them. We cover them. We shoot daggers at them in the mirror. We call them mean names. We make fun of them to others. Some of us cut them, starve them, and suffocate, squeeze & strangle them in wrongful clothing.

Would you ever do this to your child? Would you ever make fun of, curse, hate, hide, cover, snare, heckle, physically harm, starve, or suffocate your child? Please say no. THEN DON'T DO IT TO  YOURSELF, DAMMIT!

Get your body on out here. A beautiful body is a body that is loved. A body that is loved is a beautiful body.


  1. Thank you...I am honored to have you comment on my blog. You make so much sense, I love you and your book and this blog. I'm feeling a new skip in my step already.

  2. Such an inspiring post!

    Thank you so much.

  3. You are doing amazing things, Miss Rachel. Love ya!

  4. Thanks for sharing this inspiration to self-acceptance.